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T-Mobile, MPM and TRI exclusively presented the biography of Steve Jobs


T-Mobile, MPM and the publishing centre TRI exclusively presented the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. T-Mobile purchased 7,000 copies of the book that will be sold in all points of sales of T-Mobile as of 5 March, 2012. The book will be sold at the price of MKD 890. In addition to sales, the loyal customers will also be able to get the book via the loyalty programme Your Club. The translation was done by the publishing centre TRI and the promotion was conducted in cooperation with MPM. In addition to the points of sales of T-Mobile, the biography of Steve Jobs can also be purchased in the TRI Bookstore in GTG as of 5 March 2012.

“As the only company in Macedonia that sells iPhone, our idea was to provide our customers with the possibility to read the book about the creator of this technological miracle in Macedonian.  

With this step we get out of the limits of our business, however we are very close to our strategic commitment – the technological innovations, as well as to the satisfaction of the customers who are very interested in one of the most read books of today, sold in over 5 million copies.   

Technology changes the future and in the case of Steve Jobs it almost shows the next phase in the evolution of the human race.  This gesture of T-Mobile is for the satisfaction of our customers, but for all citizens as well” – said Zarko Lukovski, Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile Macedonia.

“Publishing the biography of Steve Jobs is one of the most exciting projects of our publishing house, both due to the popularity of this book, and its contents. Walter Isaacson, the author of the book (editor in chief of Time Magazine), offers us an insight in all aspects of the life of one of the most prominent persons in the world of technology and business, a visionary, entrepreneur, perfectionist, rebel with untamed passion for innovation. Everyone who will read this book will get a clear image of the development of the industry which completely changed our way of life, but will also understand why Steve Jobs is the man who made so many revolutionary changes in six industries and launched the Apple company from his parents' garage to the top of the world." - said Bojan Sazdov, editor in TRI

“It is our great honour to be media supporters and promoters of the translation and publishing of the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson on the Macedonian market.This book is worth reading – it is not only a carrier of the life story of one of the greatest minds of today, an innovator and a ingenious inventor, but it is also a story for motivation and mind opening.  

MPM is always here to provide the best readings to its readers, not only as a publisher of the three most read daily newspapers Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik and Vest, as well as the weekly magazine Tea Moderna, but also their internet editions. Just like Jobs, we will continue to be creative and to offer to our readers novelties with which we will enrich and improve the market of written media and internet editions” – said Viktor Donevski, CEO of Media Print Macedonia.

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