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Increased benefits and decreased prices of T-Mobile

  • 1 June is the starting day of the new post-paid tariff models that will enable unlimited calls to the largest mobile and fixed telephony family  
  • The T-Mobile customers will be able to make calls for MKD 0 to the other networks as well
  • Furthermore, the new tariff models include up to 3 times higher amounts of mobile internet in the best and fastest 3G network

Following the needs of the people who are always on the move, T-Mobile has included an attractive novelty in its portfolio. As of 1 June, T-Mobile is introducing new tariff post-paid models. The new tariffs provide decreased prices and increased benefits for all post-paid residential and business customers. With the new offer, from now on, the post-paid customers, within their monthly subscription fee, can talk freely and without any limitations to 1.5 million customers of T-Mobile and T-Home. For a monthly subscription fee as low as MKD 599, in addition to the unlimited calls to T-Mobile and T-Home, the customers can talk for MKD 0 to the other networks as well.

Furthermore, the new tariff models include up to 3 times higher amounts of mobile internet. Thus, from now on, the post-paid customers of the mobile services can surf at the fastest 3G network and enjoy in the high-quality and secure connection, wherein their internet bill will not exceed the monthly subscription fee.  

The business tariff models include unlimited calls to T-Mobile and T-Home, MKD 0 calls to other networks, mobile internet, as well as free calls within the company.

"The dynamic lives of our time necessitate impeccable functioning of all services, always and everywhere. For that reason, we are always trying to provide impeccable services to our customers, as well as modern and innovative solutions that will meet the communication needs of every person on the move. With the new tariff models, T-Mobile is adjusting to the needs of every customer, thus providing the best value for their money. In this manner, we are providing a superior customer experience, flawless communication, lots of fun and business facilitation. Simply, our offer is the best for the customers, without compromise“, said Mr. Zarko Lukovski, the Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile Macedonia. 

The new offer with decreased prices and increased benefits is valid for the existing and the new post-paid residential and business customers of T-Mobile. The migration to the new tariff models is simple and without an obligation for signing a new loyalty contract. In order to activate the increased benefits, the customers can call the telephone number 122 or visit some of the Telekom points of sale.


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