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In line with the modern lifestyle and owing to the most contemporary technological achievements, Makedonski Telekom AD – Skopje and T-Mobile Macedonia, in cooperation with Stopanska Banka, introduce new and easier channels for payment of the services, available 24/7. The customers of Makedonski Telekom and T-Mobile will be able to pay the monthly bills for Internet, telephone and TV via the Internet and via the network of ATMs of Stopanska Banka.

The electronic payment is easy and simple, with no commission and without additional costs. All the customers need is an Internet access and payment cards of the MasterCard and VISA brands issued by any bank in the world or payment cards issued by domestic banks in Macedonia and used for electronic payments. The customers may access the payment via the Internet through the e-business web page of T-Mobile at or via the My Telekom web page of T-Home at The pre-paid customers of T-Mobile already have the possibility to top-up their accounts via the Internet.

The payment via the ATMs of Stopanska Banka may be effectuated with the payment cards VISA and MasterCard issued by Stopanska Banka AD Skopje, with no commission and additional costs. The service is available 24/7 on 109 ATMSs of Stopanska Banka all over Macedonia.   At the same time, at all ATMs of Stopanska Banka, by entering the payment card, you can effectuate payment in only several steps and make other bank transactions just like the ones available on the bank counters: payment in instalments for loans and cards, transfer of funds, review of mini monthly reports for cards, etc.

These innovative services of Makedonski Telekom AD – Skopje and T-Mobile which are implemented in cooperation with Stopanska Banka and created in accordance with the requirements of the customers, enable a fast, simple and safe manner for payment of the bills.  By doing so, the customers save time and incur no additional costs.


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