Committed to a Sustainable Future

In today's connected world, responsibility is extremely important. A responsibility that goes beyond merely creating a superior infrastructure. Responsibility for sustainability and preservation of natural resources, responsibility for reducing the digital divide and an equal digital society. Responsibility for a shared sustainable future.

With the hashtags #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta, Deutsche Telekom underlines its responsibility towards the environment and society.


#GreenMagenta is used for products, projects, measures and initiatives that bring about positive change aimed at mitigating climate change and responsible use of resources. These hashtags are carried by exceptional initiatives within the entire group.


#GoodMagenta is about initiatives that give rise to positive change in the digital world and affect the reduction of the digital divide. In this context, the creation of a better and safer internet space is especially important.


Green magenta

Initiative to reduce electronic waste – Eco discount

As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, we are committed to reducing the harmful impact on nature in our daily work and by encouraging green initiatives. Climate change affects us all and it is our shared responsibility to make a difference. The circular economy is our strategic commitment, and one of the main elements of the circular economy is the reduction of electronic waste and the reuse of old mobile phone materials.

Internet bez omraza

Makedonski Telekom, together with the other European subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom, is involved in the eco-initiative to reduce electronic waste by collecting old electronic devices and investing in natural habitat restoration in Europe.


Our local e-waste reduction campaign, called Green Magenta, started two years ago and is still ongoing. In all our shops, old mobile phones are collected in partnership with “Zero Waste”. To encourage customers to join this initiative, for every old device, they get a discount on the purchase of a new smartphone. At the moment, the discount applies to the purchase of a new T Phone. In this way, the customers actively participate in the protection of the environment. So far, over 15,000 old electronic devices have been collected, and the action is still ongoing.

The aim of this initiative is for all of us to work together in order to reduce the harmful impacts on nature and create a healthier environment and а better future for all.

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Good Magenta

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