Leading telecommunications operator

Makedonski Telekom is a leading telecommunications operator and part of the Deutsche Telekom Group since 2001. The company provides services for consumer and business customers: voice and data services via mobile and fixed network, internet services, portfolio of converged services, digital television and advanced Cloud and ICT solutions. During the past two decades, Makedonski Telekom has grown from a traditional telecommunications operator and positioned as a company that leads the digitalisation of the society and creates sustainable values for all.

We are building the network of the future

An essential prerequisite for digitalisation of a society is the advanced, stabile and proven network infrastructure. This is our leverage, but also a commitment to lay the foundations for creating cutting-edge technological solutions and services by means of continuous investments and dedicated work. Makedonski Telekom is the first company in Europe and in the Deutsche Telekom Group with all internet protocol based network. In 2013 the company was the first to introduce the 4G network in the market. With continuous investments in infrastructure, at the end of 2019, 90 percent of the territory and 99 percent of the population were covered with 4G network. Makedonski Telekom has so far installed and already uses more than 4.000 kilometres of optical cable, whereby we provided more than one third of the households in Macedonia with a possibility to connect to the Telekom optical network and use the benefits of this technology. The company is also committed to the introduction of the new 5G technology which we believe will be the catalyst of the forth industrial revolution with benefits in all areas of our living: medicine, education, business… The first test 5G network of Makedonski Telekom installed in Skopje is already working, and the real-time testing and all necessary steps for the introduction of 5G continue. The introduction of new technologies creates conditions for better living and economic development of the country and therefore the investments in infrastructure remain our focus in the future.

Reliable partner of the business customers

In the dynamic world we live in, time is a currency with the highest value. Therefore, the businesses’ needs and their demands are our priority. We are a reliable partner in the new digital era providing end-to-end solutions whereby the companies make the most of their operation. We create innovative, reliable, simple products and solutions for more efficient digital transformation of the companies. With our innovative solutions, companies gain greater control over their own business processes, improve the efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs and all of this contributes to the continuous growth of their business. The large selection of ICT and smart solutions by Telekom guarantees the success of each company as they are flexible and efficient, and most of all, the data security is guaranteed.

Superior solutions for a simpler life of the citizens

The strategic focus of Makedonski Telekom is to put the technology at the service of the people and use it for the better life of all citizens. The volume of transmitted data is increasing and it is our obligation to provide access to all customers, anytime and anywhere. In addition to the excellent infrastructure, investments in the network, continuous upgrade and expansion of the fibre optics, a solution for smooth communication of the customers in the new era are the innovative services that offer greater value to the customers. We are committed to creating solutions that will enhance, enrich, but primarily facilitate and make the life of the citizens more beautiful.

We use technology for good

We are seriously committed to laying the foundations of e-society in which the Internet will be available everywhere. It is our ambition to be the key partner in the digitalisation of the society that brings new opportunities: e-education, e-health and modern technological solutions that will make the life of all stakeholders, including the business sector, easier. We simply set a goal for Telekom to be the driver of the changes and to move the society forward! Concurrently, we feel obligated to use the technology for overcoming the challenges imposed by the modern time. Therefore we put the technology in the service of the citizens for the benefit of everyone, by being a company of the future, valued by the society.