Makedonski Telekom, the leading national telco operator is part of Deutsche Telekom Group.

Makedonski Telekom offers voice and data services provided via fixed and mobile network, within many years of experience and leadership on the market.
It also constantly introduces international know-how, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technological trends.
The company offers a portfolio for residential and business customers, provided from a single source and focuses on Cloud and ICT solutions in order to provide the best customer experience.
To this end, and in accordance with the latest telecommunication trends, Makedonski Telekom is continuously focused on the modern-day needs and demands of the customers.


  • Makedonski Telekom is the first company in Europe and in Deutsche Telekom Group with an ALL IP-based network.
  • The company was the first in the country to introduce the 4G network, and as a result of the continuous investments in the infrastructure, at the end of 2016 the 4G network coverage reached 60% coverage of the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia and 80% coverage of the population.
  • According to “BRIMA” agency customer survey, most of the people in the Republic of North Macedonia consider the mobile network of Makedonski Telekom the best network in the country and that it meets their expectations.
  • The Telekom Point of Sale in GTC in Skopje was selected as the best trade facility for 2016 in the service segment in for the “Computer, audio video and telecommunications equipment" category. The award was granted based on the results obtained in the survey conducted by SWOT Research, in cooperation with the Department for Local Economic Development of the City of Skopje.
  • In 2016, Makedonski Telekom won the prestigious award for the Smart City Project, presented by the World Information Technology And Services Alliance - WITSA. By means of the Smart City Project, a modern integrated automatic vehicle location (AVL) and automatic fare collection (AFC) system was implemented in the public city transport, which was the beginning of the transformation of Skopje into a modern and smart city, following the example of the world metropolises.
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