Со Statute of Makedonski Telekom AD – Skopje regulates:

  1. The brand name and the seat of the Company;
  2. The scope of operation of the Company;
  3. Issues related to the share capital of the Company;
  4. Managing and governing bodies of the Company;
  5. General acts and the procedure for their adoption;
  1. The nominal value of the shares, the number of shares in each type and class, and the rights, liabilities, limitations and benefits;
  2. The procedure for convening and holding of Shareholders’ Assembly of the Company;
  3. Other issues of importance for the Company.

In addition to these provisions, the Statute also contains provisions pertaining to issues that, pursuant to the Law on Trade Companies, are regulated by the Statute.

The Statute also contains other provisions of importance for the Company which are not prohibited by law.

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