Equity capital of Makedonski Telekom

Makedonski Telekom’s shares Preference shares Ordinary shares
Issuer Makedonski Telekom AD Makedonski Telekom AD - Skopje
International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) MKMTSK121017 MKMTSK101019
Industry Telecommunications Telecommunications
Country Republic of North Macedonia Republic of North Macedonia
Registered office of company Skopje Skopje
Total number of issued shares 1 golden share 95.838.780
Total number of voting rights * 1 ** 86.254.902 ***
Currency MKD (Macedonian Denar) MKD (Macedonian Denar) MKD (Macedonian Denar)
Nominal value per share MKD 9,733 MKD 100
Security identification (ticker symbol) - TEL
Voting rights One voting right and special rights One voting right per share

* Out of total number of shares with voting rights - 86,254,903 for 3,361 shares which are part of 2% of shares which the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia granted to the Makedonski Telekom’s employees, the owners are either not identified in the shareholders book of MKT due to lack of personal data (3,320 shares), or they are not distributed yet (41 shares).

** Preference cumulative share (golden share) owned by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia has one voting right and special rights in accordance with the Company Statute. It has restriction on tradable and non-tradable transfer.

*** Decreased for the treasury shares owned by Makedonski Telekom which rights in accordance with the Law on Trading Companies (reference article 338) are suspended.

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