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Young people take a stand against cyberbullying and online hate speech

UNICEF together with the Foundation Telekom for Macedonia is organizing a series of workshops with children and young people to co-create communication initiatives against cyberbullying and hate speech in the digital space.


Makedonski Telekom continues with growth and focus on investments in new technologies in the first three months of 2023

In the first quarter of 2023, Makedonski Telecom continued with stable growth in all segments, focus on new technologies and increasing the number of customers in all segments.


Start of the Second Season of the Regional eSport Gaming Tournament

The second season of the Telekom eSports Championship begins, once again organized by Makedonski Telekom, Hrvatski Telekom and Crnogorski Telekom.


We give young people a voice to advocate for a hate free net

UNICEF and the Foundation Telekom for Macedonia invite young people to be part of a co-created campaign to end cyber-violence and online hate speech


The largest fiber optics network in Macedonia

Makedonski Telekom boasts the largest fiber optics network in the country with more than 270,000 households with access to fiber optics, as well as another 25,000 additional ones that Makedonski Telekom gives access to the technology on an annual basis. We recently celebrated 100,000 customers of fiber optics who, on that occasion, can activate higher optical speeds at no additional cost.

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