Shareholders’ Assembly

The meeting of Shareholders’ Assembly shall only pass resolutions upon issues expressly set out by the Law on Trade Companies and the Statute of Makedonski Telekom, and in particular the:

  1. amendment of the statute;
  2. approval of the annual accounts, financial statements and the annual report on the operations of the company for the preceding business year, and decisions made on the distribution of the profits;
  3. election and dismissal of members of the board of directors;
  4. approval of the operations and management of the company’s business by the members of the Board of Directors;
  5. alteration of the rights attached to particular types and classes of shares;
  1. increase or decrease of the company’s share capital;
  2. issue of shares and other securities;
  3. appointment of the certified auditor to audit the annual accounts and financial statements;
  4. transformation of the company into another form of company, as well as reorganization of the company; and
  5. termination of the company.

The general meeting of shareholders may not decide on matters related to the governance of the company or the management of the company’s operations, which are under the competence of the management bodies, unless otherwise determined by the Law on Trade Companies.

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