Cheapest roaming

Roaming calls for only 9.9 MKD/minute!

Call from abroad for only 9.9 MKD/min. both in prepaid and postpaid. Call 142 099 and activate this amazing service for only 99 MKD!

Travel and talk freely!

Activating the service

Call the number 142 099 and the interactive voice response system will easily guide you through the activation steps.

After the activation, you will receive an SMS notification, and your prepaid or postpaid account will be charged a one-time fee of 99 MKD, VAT included. The service is activated only once and then you can talk at cheap prices until 30.09.2017 to all the numbers from Makedonski Telekom (mobile and fixed) but also to other networks.

You can also activate the cheap roaming from abroad through the free-of-charge visual automated response by dialing *122#.

How to call from abroad

To use this remarkable service, all you need to do is whenever you make a call from abroad to enter the prefix *123*, the number you are calling and finally press #. The telephone will ring and your number will be displayed on the screen – accept the call and talk at the price of only 9.9 MKD/minute with customers of Makedonski Telekom and to other fixed networks and 19.9 MKD/minute with the other mobile networks.


*123* 070 xxx xxx #
*123* 071 xxx xxx #
*123* 072 xxx xxx #
*123* 02 ххх ххх #

Dial with Cheapest roaming without a prefix!

Application for cheapest roaming

Application for cheapest roaming calls and SMS messages

Call and send SMS from abroad like you were home

From now, calling your friends and sending SMS messages when you are abroad is much easier and advantageous, with the free app for Cheapest roaming. .

By downloading and activating the app, you will be able to quickly and easily call home, without dialing the prefix *123* before the number you are calling, as well as to send SMS messages at the price of 9.9 MKD!

How to get the app?

Follow these simple steps:

Download the free app from:

  • The visual automated response, by calling the free number *122#. Select 1 for Telekom services and then choose Cheapest roaming. The navigation through the Visual automated response is completely free of charge both at home and from abroad.
  • The interactive voice response system on the number 122, in the menu Telekom services select Free app *123* or directly call 141 511.
  • The app download is free of charge.

Activating the application

Using the application

  • To make calls to Macedonia with the tariffs for Cheapest roaming, directly dial the number from the contact list (phonebook) on your telephone as if you were home or enter the number in format 07XXXXXXX or 02XXXXXXX. Then on the screen of your mobile a message will appear “Calling with *123*”, and then you will receive a return call with your number showing on the phone screen. Accept the call and talk with Cheapest roaming.
  • To send SMS to Macedonia with the tariffs for Cheapest roaming, open the SIM (Telekom) menu, select Cheapest roaming, then *123* SMS. Then enter the number to which you wish to send an SMS message, press OK and finally enter the text of the message and press OK again. In the end you will receive a notification about the status of the sent message.
  • When using the app, all calls to Macedonia are charged with the tariffs for Cheapest roaming, and all SMS messages are charged 6 MKD per message, VAT included.

Useful information:

  • The app is available for all new Telekom SIM cards. If your Sim card does not support this app, replace it with a new SIM card in one of our points of sale.
  • To make calls and send SMS from abroad, you need to activate the Roaming service. Information on the My Telekom portal, in the menu My services or on the number 122;
  • The maximum number of characters for one SMS message is 160 and only English letters and standard punctuation characters can be used;
  • To use the application, it is necessary for the country where you are staying to have the service Cheapest roaming available with the operator whose network you are using. If you cannot make a call/ send SMS, change the network or deactivate the app: enter the SIM (Telekom) menu, the section Cheapest roaming *123*, select Deactivate. Then, to make calls to Macedonia with the cheapest roaming, call with the prefix *123*07XXXXXXX# or use the standard format to dial from abroad +ХХХХХХХХХХХ, and to send SMS use the standard way of sending like you would at home;
  • Activating the application for roaming calls disables the option to make calls with Regular roaming (without a prefix). If you wish to use regular roaming, deactivate the app, according to the instructions provided above.
  • When you activate the application, you can still send SMS messages in the standard manner (without using the app), but such SMS messages will be charged at the regular roaming price according to the tariff mode that you are using;
  • To dial a foreign number while roaming, use the standard format +ХХХ ХХХХХХХХ;
  • It is possible for the application not to work on certain types of telephones.
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