Makedonski Telekom AD is a company which is constantly focussed on the needs and requests of the customers. The company, in line with its mission and development strategy, is permanently enhancing its product and service portfolio, while introducing novelties in the operation, all for the purposes of responding to the needs of its customers.

For the purposes of achieving this strategic commitment, Makedonski Telekom AD is constantly following and applying the latest methods and trends in the process of employment and human resources management, while concurrently working in accordance with the highest worldwide standards. As a part of the strategy of the Human Resources Area, the company is offering opportunities for enabling the Macedonian citizens to have a simpler access of a higher quality to the possibility of filling in certain vacant job positions in Makedonski Telekom AD.

By visiting our website on a regular basis, you shall be enabled with a permanent insight and knowledge regarding our need for filling in certain job positions for which job announcements have been published. You shall be able to submit your applications and to present your professional portfolio, as well as to update any newly occurred changes in your professional development.

Your application and presentation on this site shall enable us to get acquainted with your professional and expert qualifications in a faster and more efficient manner, by means of which you also can become a part of the team of Makedonski Telekom AD.

Discretion in the process of searching for and getting a job is our foundation of operation.


Human resources

Кеј 13-ti Noemvri бр. 6, 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

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