Makedonski Telekom, as a technological market leader, encourages young people with fresh ideas to embrace the challenge to jointly lead the digital transformation in the society.  Therefore, we invite all talented people to join our digitalization team, offering them practical work experience, which will increase the possibility of their future employment. The digitalization team will work on projects for putting forward new and innovative solutions and services, whereby we will be able to respond to the increased needs and demands of our customers, improving the customer experience towards which we are constantly striving.

The team that will work on the digitalization should consist of several profiles:

  • E-business persons – who will be responsible for leading the digitalization process of the company by defining processes, giving suggestions for the best customer experience when using digital channels (web, mobile application, webshop) and developing strategies for e-commerce development. These people will work on a daily basis with the app and web developers, in order to obtain a design with the best customer experience in every aspect.
  • Android and iOS developers – who will work on the development of new services related to the Telekom MK application, as well as on the development of completely new applications.
  • Web developers – who will be responsible for improving the webpages of Makedonski Telekom, with a special emphasis on the webshop.
  • Graphic designers – responsible for creating the design of the website and the Telekom MK application, as well as various promotional materials.

If you have the appropriate education and you are a creative person, you should send us a motivational letter and a CV, wherein, in addition to your personal data, you will state the reason why you are the most suitable person for this team of Makedonski Telekom, as well as for the position you are applying for.

We expect your motivation letter and CV on the following e-mail address:

Become a part of the Digital Team of Makedonski Telekom that will lead the changes in the society!


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