Telecom introduces the streaming platform GLEY on MaxTV

On MaxTV, with GLEY, the customers will be able to watch the latest domestic, regional and world movies and series, as well as a children’s programme completely synchronized in Macedonian and Albanian.


The 5G network of Makedonski Telekom is available in almost all major populated places

With the first 5G commercial network that has been in operation since February this year, the customers of Makedonski Telekom already use 5G services in parallel and in combination with 4G, with advanced technology for dynamic use of the existing radio frequencies.


New Survey by Makedonski Telekom on the Digital Maturity of Small and Medium-Sized Companies

The purpose of the survey is to not only gain insight into the digital readiness of companies in Macedonia and understand the habits and needs for using digital tools, but also to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to digitize quickly and successfully.


Over 4000 Old Electronic Devices Collected in the Eco-Initiative of Telekom and the Customers

In the eco-initiative of Makedonski Telekom Together for the Protection of the Environment which started in March of this year, over 4000 old electronic devices have been collected which will be adequately recycled in partnership with Zero Waste.


Telekom Continues Expanding its Fibre Optic Network in Bitola

Makedonski Telekom, as an established technological leader, is committed to the goal of providing the best services via superior technology and the best network infrastructure. To that end, the company has been continuously investing in upgrades of the fixed and mobile network on the entire territory of Macedonia.


Emergency Button – a technology that saves lives

On the occasion of 17 May, the World Telecommunication Day, the Foundation Telekom for Macedonia and the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia announced a partnership to support the elderly, with the help of technology.


A New Partnership of UNICEF and the Foundation Telekom for Macedonia

The partnership will support new initiatives for young people in addressing the greatest challenges of their generation


Makedonski Telekom remains the market leader in most segments in the first quarter of 2022 as well

Makedonski Telekom remains the leader in most market segments.


Telekom Electronic Beats to launch its “Beatland” virtual world on Roblox

Telekom Electronic Beats’ metaverse experience with club, cinema, and record store launches on Roblox today


Eco-Action by Volunteers from Makedonski Telekom for Greener and Cleaner Urban Areas

Makedonski Telekom continues with its eco-actions aimed at protecting the environment.

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