The largest fiber optics network in Macedonia

Makedonski Telekom boasts the largest fiber optics network in the country with more than 270,000 households with access to fiber optics, as well as another 25,000 additional ones that Makedonski Telekom gives access to the technology on an annual basis. We recently celebrated 100,000 customers of fiber optics who, on that occasion, can activate higher optical speeds at no additional cost.


Makedonski Telekom celebrates 100 000 fibre-optic customers

Makedonski Telekom is celebrating 100 000 fibre-optic customer who, on this occasion, will be able to activate greater fibre-optic speeds without an additional fee.


MakedonskiTelekom is intensively expanding the fibre-optic network

Makedonski Telekom continues with the intensive expansion of the fibre-optic network everywhere in Macedonia.


Magenta heartbeat: Deutsche Telekom presented itself at Mobile World Congress 2023

Deutsche Telekom is putting human-centric technology in the spotlight at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. Under the motto "Giving technology a heartbeat," the company in Barcelona will showcase exciting innovations in networks and digital applications.


Makedonski Telekom marks a steady growth in 2022

Makedonski Telekom ended the year 2022 with investments in new technologies


Makedonski Telekom makes calls to Turkey and Syria free of charge

As a sign of support to the people affected by the devastating earthquake, Makedonski Telekom provides free of charge international calls and SMS messages to Turkey and Syria for its private and business fixed and mobile customers.


The main prize – Opel Astra has been awarded as part of the “Telekom Giveaway” prize game by Telekom

The prize game, which took place from 21.11.2022 to 09.01.2023, included more than 52,000 prepaid and postpaid private customers who had registered for free via the Telekom MK application, enabling each registered participant to receive 5 GB of mobile internet.


Disney’s children’s channels now also available in Мacedonia Via Мakedonski Тelekom

Disney Channel and Disney Junior are launched via Makedonski Telekom, the largest operator in Macedonia. As part of the new agreement between The Walt Disney Company and Makedonski Telekom, National Geographic on Demand and myBabyTV will also be available from March 2023.


Telekom planted 25 000 new trees and it collected 12 000 old mobile devices

In March of this year, Makedonski Telekom launched the eco-initiative "Together for the Protection of the Environment” aimed at reducing electronic waste and restoring green areas.


New Year’s promotion of Makedonski Telekom

Makedonski Telekom starts its New Year's promotion for greater enjoyment and uninterrupted sharing of holiday moments with the loved ones.

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