Makedonski Telekom donated T Tablets to twenty families at social risk

Today, solid education requires digital literacy and devices to access all information online. That is why Telekom donated T Tablets to children from twenty families at social risk who visit the Support Centres of the SOS Children's Village.


Makedonski Telecom receives corporate philanthropy award

Makedonski Telekom received an award for its commitment in the field of social responsibility for the “Together for a hate-free internet” initiative.


The ‘Summer of Joy’ campaign ends with a virtual experience

Deutsche Telekom’s ’Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom ‘campaign ends with ’Floating Forest ‘- a virtual club experience on Roblox in Beatland. The purpose is to offer the users brand new gaming elements and an exclusive


After T Phone, here comes T Tablet

Makedonski Telecom, as part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, is committed to increasing the 5G connectivity for its customers, regardless of whether it is an investment in the infrastructure, network provisioning, development of tariffs or availability of devices.


Makedonski Telekom has the best network, now also confirmed by Ookla®

Makedonski Telekom received the prestigious Ookla® award for the best mobile network based on the Speedtest Intelligence® data that refer to the superior speed of the mobile network, the biggest coverage on the territory of Macedonia and the best network quality.


Makedonski Telekom continues the successful performance also in the first half of 2023

Makedonski Telekom continues the positive trend of growth and development in all segments also in the first half of 2023.


Young people say “Bye! Bye!” to Cyberbullying and Online Hate Speech

To mark International Day for Countering Hate Speech, UNICEF and Telekom Foundation for Macedonia launched a new social media campaign against cyberbullying and online hate speech that was co-created with children and young people individuals.


Deutsche Telekom connects young people across Europe through ‘Summer of Joy, Youth & Freedom’

Deutsche Telekom believes that experiencing the joy of being young is a universal right. This is why Telekom is inviting young people to take part and get connected through thousands of free music experiences across Europe.


Young people take a stand against cyberbullying and online hate speech

UNICEF together with the Foundation Telekom for Macedonia is organizing a series of workshops with children and young people to co-create communication initiatives against cyberbullying and hate speech in the digital space.


Makedonski Telekom continues with growth and focus on investments in new technologies in the first three months of 2023

In the first quarter of 2023, Makedonski Telecom continued with stable growth in all segments, focus on new technologies and increasing the number of customers in all segments.

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