Makedonski Telekom is one of the greatest supporters of sports and culture in Macedonia, and plays equally significant role in supporting projects of great importance for development of the civil values in the society. Through its various and multidirectional activities as a sponsor, the Company aspires to strengthen the social enthusiasm in the community, thus constantly upgrading its position of responsible social factor.

Partner in sports

Makedonski Telekom has a tradition of supporting sports and sports culture in the country, by constantly sponsoring sports clubs and sports events in the entire country. In the last couple of years, the Company focuses on the most perspective sports in Macedonia - handball. The cooperation with the two-time European Champion, the Handball Club “Vardar” will continue in the future, and this sport is supported nationally with the general sponsorship of the Handball Federation of Macedonia. Makedonski Telekom also supports the Macedonian Table Tennis Federation.

Strengthening the culture

Makedonski Telekom, as a telecommunication company, is obliged to ensure better access to music and culture in general. The Company investment in culture is more than obvious by supporting capital projects from this area which are of national importance. Some of the more significant projects supported by the Company include the traditional partnership with the biggest art festival in the country, which is the host of the greatest world artists, the"Ohrid Summer"festival. They also include the cooperation with the International Theatre Festival “MTF Skupi Festival” and the event "Sounds of the Bazaar", which are only part of the remaining cultural projects implemented with the support provided by Makedonski Telekom.

The Company has established numerous relations with partners whose focus is music, regardless of the audience for which it is intended; hence we are a long-standing supporter of the most important national jazz event “Skopje Jazz Festival”. Telekom proudly promoted in the country the international electronic music platform of Deutsche Telekom – Telekom Electronic Beats, bringing world famous DJs and musicians.

e-Society strategy

One of the most significant strategic tasks of Makedonski Telekom is to encourage, develop and support the electronic society in Macedonia, by creating opportunities for easier everyday life of the citizens via practical use of benefits from digital technologies. In that regard, the Company supports all valuable forms contributing in reaching the goal - creation of smart society, and is a long-standing sponsor of several conferences of such character, such as: All Web and ETAI, while the valuable forms of e-communication are acknowledged with the Company support of the popular event “Twitter Awards”.

Active for healthy environment

The care for the environment is one of the most important focuses of Makedonski Telekom, and the Company is entirely dedicated to environmental protection. Apart from the realization of numerous eco-actions, the inclusion of the employees under #TelekomGoesGreen initiative is quite big. Telekom supports innovations, initiatives and solutions whose purpose is to protect the environment and improve the eco-systems in the country. In that regard, the Company is regularly included and supports the activities for e-mobility, support and innovative solution for air purification.

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