Makedonski Telekom, as one of the most significant players in the Macedonian business environment, has a responsibility to set standards and be the driving force in social development. Our mission is to enhance and improve the quality of life of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, while at the same time also improving the environment in which we operate. Therefore, we are continuously supporting significant cultural and sports events, we are donating and investing in education, health, social and child protection, while promoting universally acknowledged social responsibility values.

Sports, music and culture are the three pillars of the sponsorship strategy of Makedonski Telekom.

Thence, with our support, the level of sport has been elevated; we continued our cooperation with the best handball and football team Vardar and we also became the general sponsor of the Futsal Business League. As supporters of sports, we decided to rebrand the National Arena Philip II into Telekom Arena. By signing a Cooperation Agreement with the Joint stock company for construction and management of residential and commercial property significant to the country – Skopje, Makedonski Telekom proved that the national arena will get a reliable and trustworthy business partner in the future.

We traditionally support the Ohrid Swimming Marathon, which has grown into a prominent sporting event. In addition to sports, we also continuously invest in music, as one of the most significant social segments. For many years we have been partners of the worldwide popular and unique Skopje Jazz Festival, as well as of children's music festivals such as Zlatno Slavejce (Golden Nightingale), Potocinja (Little Springs) and Grozdoberce (Grape Harvest) and the Albanian children's festival Vinozito (Rainbow). We also provide support to the musicians Karolina, Elena Risteska and Adrian Gaxha.

Furthermore, we make generous investments in culture. Some of the most significant events that we would like to distinguish are the Ohrid Summer Festival, an event that we have supported for many years, the Macedonia Opera and Ballet, the Buskerfest street festival, etc.

We were also partners to the traditional Albanian manifestations in the Republic of North Macedonia: Zlatna Mravka (The Golden Ant), Zvucite na Carsijata (The Sounds of the Bazaar), the Ibe Palikukja Ensemble, as well as the Tetovo Summer Cultural Festival.

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