Our corporate strategy is in accordance with the strategy of Deutsche Telekom - to become leading telecommunications company in Europe.

Makedonski Telekom has been technology leader in the country and the region for many years now. We were the first in Europe to introduce internet protocol based network, the first in Macedonia to introduce 4G mobile network, and according to the opinion of the customers, we have the best network in Macedonia. We are striving for a Pan-European network and integrated platform; we digitalize and simplify the processes.

However, the challenge ahead of us is to transform the technology leadership into the best customer experience. The customers should not worry which technology provides their services, but they should get the best high-quality quality service in the best possible manner. It means that the service they will get, in addition to being with a supreme quality, should also be simple and personalised, thus gaining the trust of the customers who will build a stable relationship with us. In order to achieve this goal, we are aiming to transform Telekom, with a focus on the convergence of the services and the improvement of the customer experience, as well as of the corporate culture.We will continue with this transformation until we become an integrated and optimised telecommunications company which will be the first choice of the customers and thus a leading company not only in Macedonia, but also in Europe.