Our strategic goal is to become a global leader in connected life and work. For us, it means also a leader in corporate social responsibility.

Being among the most significant players in the Macedonian business environment, we have the responsibility to set standards and to be the driving force in the development of society and all its segments – ecological, economic and social sphere.

From products and services, through infrastructure and logistics, all the way to our employees – our strategy for corporate social responsibility stretches through all spheres of our daily operation.

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is one of the imperatives of successful corporations which, with their operation, should reduce to a minimum any adverse impact on the environment in which we are living. An electronic payment system has been introduced which, in addition to saving paper, is also fast, simple and safe. It is available 24 hours a day and the users, besides making online payments, can also access their data whenever they want to.

The company needs a fleet for maintenance, customer service and other respective purposes. By introducing the GPS systems in the fleet, we are saving on fuel and managing the movement of the vehicles.

For many years, Makedonski Telekom has been continuously working in order to maintain the status of a carbon neutral company, which entails a drastic reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, as a joint commitment of the Magyar Telekom Group. Numerous measures have been implemented in the daily operations and the ongoing activities in order to protect the environment. To that end, several infrastructure facilities are provided with solar energy, wherein, by means of optimizing the work space, also the heating energy consumption is reduced.

One of the initiatives in this context is waste reduction by means of selecting waste material from paper, plastic, metal and other types of waste, collecting old mobile telephones, as well as further treatment of the selected waste, in accordance with the local laws.

The employees and the managers are encouraged to reduce the consumption of paper, as well as the airplane trips, and to use alternative methods which are equally efficient, such as using e-documents, tele-conferences, using cars on shorter destinations, e-bills for the customers, etc.

Investments in the network of the future

We are pioneers in technological evolution and we are constantly investing in the network of the future.

In 2013, Makedonski Telekom completed the migration of the last user to the new IP network, whereby it became the first company within the Deutsche Telekom Group with a network fully based on Internet protocol (ALL IP). The network modernization started in October 2011 and in only 25 months, with an investment of EUR 13 million, all 290,000 lines were migrated onto the new platform.

This technology of modern times uses Internet protocol for voice transmission, which enables using the next generation services and responding to the ever increasing needs of the customers in the future. At the same time, 250,000 kg of equipment were dismounted and replaced and space of 5,000 m2 was vacated – the size of the main square in Skopje.

In 2013, T-Mobile Macedonia became the first operator in the country to introduce 4G, a network which opens unlimited possibilities in the world of mobile communications.

The FTTH follows the same path – a decade ago broadband services started with 128 kbit/s, while at the end of 2013 Makedonski Telekom offered 1 Gbit/s. The number FTTH users reached 37,000 at the end of 2016, while a total of 147,000 homes have been passed with this most advanced technology, which constitutes one fourth of the total families in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Sustainability performance

The company started implementing a vendor management system so as to improve the relation between the company and its vendors by means of a more regular and optimized communication. One of the specific goals of the project is assessment of the performance of the vendors in terms of sustainability. This also includes an assessment of the sustainable financial, technical, commercial and administrative performance of the vendors at the level of the entire company.

Social and special tariffs

As a technology leader striving to create a digital society of the future, we are aware that we also need to include the vulnerable groups and provide them with equal possibilities to be connected and to communicate in accordance with their needs.

Makedonski Telekom in the offer includes a social tariff model providing those customers who are on welfare and who need only voice services with a free-of-charge pre-paid fixed telephone line. In addition to that, the offer also includes special offers for elderly persons, pensioners and persons with special needs, with lowest monthly subscription fees.

Code of Human Rights Social Principles

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